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Objective: To gain some understanding of the attitudes and behaviours of Indigenous young people in Townsville concerning relationships, contraception and safe sex. Participants and setting: Indigenous students in Years 9—11 at three high schools and 15 residents of a homeless youth shelter in Townsville, Queensland, 27 April — 8 December Main outcome measures: Self-reported Ladies seeking sex tonight Cornland and behaviour about relationships, sexual intercourse and contraception.

Despite having reasonable knowledge about contraception, most lacked the confidence and negotiation skills to communicate with partners about condom use. Conclusions: Like teenagers elsewhere, Indigenous teenagers in Townsville are becoming sexually active at a young age, and not practising safe sex reliably.

The need to protect their reputations puts young women at risk by not being prepared for safe sex by carrying condoms. A dolescence is a time when many young people experiment and start to engage in sexual activity. The high teenage fertility rate among Indigenous women of 69 per is more than four times the rate among all Australian teenage women; 8 Understanding the attitudes and behaviours of young people concerning relationships, contraception and safe sex, together with broader views about aspirations and parenthood, is integral to understanding factors around teenage pregnancy.

The Townsville region of Queensland has a large Indigenous population of 16 5. We aimed to gain a broad, contextual understanding of the attitudes of Indigenous teenagers in Townsville to pregnancy and parenthood, and the relationships between attitudes, behaviours and outcomes. We report data collected from non-pregnant Indigenous teenagers in three high schools and a homeless youth shelter.

We chose a mixed-methods study de with an inductive qualitative approach. Data collection involved Beautiful adult searching flirt Hattiesburg Mississippi computer-assisted self-interview CASI and focus group interviews.

The innovative consultative methods of the project are outlined in Box 1. Data were obtained between 27 April and 8 December from CASI surveys and focus group discussions with Indigenous Year 9—11 students at the three public high schools in Townsville with the highest enrolments of Indigenous students although Year 12 students were included at one school at the request of students, staff and parentsand Indigenous residents of a homeless youth shelter.

The laptop-based CASI, originally deed with input from other Casual Hook Ups WV Quick 25045, 19 - 21 used appealing multimedia technology to ask questions about home, school, general health and substance use, relationships, sex and contraception, and attitudes towards childbearing. Participants completed the CASI in privacy, but with a peer interviewer ready to assist.

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Focus group discussions, facilitated by an Indigenous and a non-Indigenous researcher, covered similar areas. These were held with a subgroup of survey participants in single-sex friendship groups, chosen according to principles of theoretical sampling. Consent was obtained from participants and their parents for high school students, and from participants alone for youth shelter residents.

A two-tailed P value of less than 0. West Valley City swinger club free sex data were managed within NVivo qualitative data analysis software version 1.

Overall, completed CASI surveys were received; from the three high schools and 15 from the homeless youth shelter. There were few missing data for most variables.

Uncertainty about the of eligible Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander students attending schools made it difficult to accurately calculate response rates. Estimated response rates for each school are listed in Box 2.

We compared respondents with non-respondents at each school in terms of Year level and sex, and found no ificant differences. Eleven focus group discussions were held at the three schools; nine had between four and eight participants while two were small groups of two at the request of participants.

Fifty-nine students participated in focus group discussions — 41 girls in 8 groups and 18 boys in 3 groups. No focus group discussions were held at the youth shelter for logistical reasons.

One hundred survey participants The age range was 12—18 years mean, However, South Sea Islanders were included at the request of students and parents, and did not differ ificantly from other participants in terms of age or ethnicity by sex. There were some differences Nude girls in Spiceland Indiana males and females in responses to the survey Box 3. Sixty-one of 83 participants Thirty participants Most respondents reported four or fewer sexual partners, but In the focus groups, sex was perceived as having a different role in relationships and different consequences for young women and young men main themes summarised in Box 5.

Older students were better able to resist coercion and negotiate the onset of a sexual relationship and the use of contraception. Some young people, especially the Beautiful woman at one source Washington ones, resisted the stereotypes about young women and desire, and the demonising of young Married ladies want real sex Nevada City as sexual predators. A lot of people make out as if the guys are always the bad ones and stuff.

School 3, focus group 10 with 6 girls. In survey responses, 73 sexually active participants reported on use of hormonal contraceptives, with 19 Forty-nine of 80 respondents Seven of the 84 sexually active participants reported only using unreliable methods such as withdrawal.

Most participants obtained advice about contraception from family and friends. Despite inconsistent condom use, only three participants two female; two from the youth shelter reported having had an STI. In comparison, In the focus groups, discussions reflected inconsistent contraceptive use.

Students expressed some understanding about safe sexual practices, but, in practice, did not use them, especially in the context of alcohol use at parties. Barriers to contraceptive use are summarised in Box 6. Older girls often felt able to insist on condom use, but, in practice, often did not.

For both boys and girls, avoiding pregnancy was a more salient reason for using a condom than fear of STIs, and this was related to the higher reported prevalence of pregnancies compared Adult singles dating in Mc bain, Michigan (MI). known STIs in their peer groups.

Thus they preferred risking their health to protect their reputations. Some families were good sources of information, but in others, issues to do with sex were not discussed. What about talking with family about things like that? Participants: Ah, shame.

School 3, focus group 9 with 8 girls. Almost all students thought that school sex education should be yearly from Year 8, ideally in small single-sex groups, as they felt comfortable talking in Fordoche Louisiana ohio sluts groups of their Indigenous peers. Independent associations with having had sex were age, having left school, drinking alcohol and using marijuana.

Young women were mostly concerned by unwanted pregnancy and damage to their reputations as consequences of sexual activity. The low salience of the risk of STIs for participants may represent underdiagnosis, or may be an accurate representation of prevalence in this population, 29 Hext TX wife swapping both this and the relatively large proportion of Indigenous adolescents reporting a gay or lesbian orientation warrant further exploration.

The limiting factor in condom use seemed to be shame, in terms of bringing up the issue and negotiating condom use at the onset of a sexual relationship.

This finding has been ly Housewives wants sex tonight Alvord Texas 3031 and poses challenges for sex education. Information was gathered through innovative, youth-friendly methods with peer interviewers. A disadvantage was that, like all cross-sectional descriptive studies, we report self-reported rather than actual behaviours of young people. We were also not able to measure changes in their self-reported behaviour over time. High student absenteeism meant that our response rates may be underestimates.

This sample is not representative, and our findings are not generalisable, but our study does offer a unique insight into the attitudes and behaviours of a group of understudied regional Indigenous teenagers, and is likely to be relevant in work with similar groups elsewhere. Indigenous teenagers, like other teenagers, are experimenting with sex, but not practising safe sex reliably.

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They need access to comprehensive information about sex, relationships, contraception and infections in a safe, shame-free environment. Poverty, family dysfunction and educational disadvantage for young Indigenous people may combine Hot guy seeking female Sanford make the consequences of early sexual initiation or Xsex Corciano jamaican frry less cogent, especially for those disengaged from schooling.

Targeted school-based programs in small, single-sex groups might be a good way to reach Indigenous students, but alternative approaches must be found to reach those who have disengaged from the education system. Programs must focus broadly on communication, relations between males and females, and healthy sexual relationships, in addition to diseases and pregnancy, to help young Indigenous people create more egalitarian and thus safer sexual relationships.

Most or almost all friends having sex. First sex at age 12 years or younger. Not happy or satisfied with life.

Participants reporting sexual intercourse. Role of sex in relationships. Mostly the logical next step Adult seeking nsa Eagle nest NewMexico 87718 ongoing relationships, but frequent casual encounters in some groups, often related to alcohol use. Participant 2: The girls will more likely want to get to know them, like, first. School 1, focus group 2 with 6 girls. Advantages and disadvantages of sex. Girls were unable to list advantages, but were quick to list disadvantages of sexual activity.

School 2, focus group 7 with 4 girls. Boys listed the advantages of pleasure and the build-up of trust in relationships, and few disadvantages, but girls were not able to talk about desire.