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ed: Thu, Mar 24,pm 24 Time to read: about 2 minutes. Danville residents may be some of the best-dressed people in the country, according to a study published in the Wall Street Journal. The town Discreet Horny Dating nice massage Fort Calhoun one on a list of the forecast top 10 U. The list, broken down Danville zip code, includes four other Bay Area cities -- Los Gatos, which placed second; Los Altos in third; Saratoga in sixth place and Santa Clara in eighth place.

Maine-based Pinpoint Demographics collected for data by using the U. Census' Consumer Expenditure Survey in conjunction with Census data on zip codes and median household income. Adding to Danville's likelihood to spend hard-earned dollars on new duds is a lower unemployment rate -- just below six percent, compared to almost 12 percent in California -- and a lower store vacancy rate than the rest of the San Ramon Valley. Michelle Stone, owner of Twenty-One Tango on Hartz Avenue, said the statistics blew her away as has been the worst year for sales in 10 years of business.

I think because of the economy and weather, people weren't spending as freely and were done after Christmas," she said. Danville received nearly half of their sales tax revenue from general retail through the third quarter of but only captured 35 percent of said revenue from clothing stores. The resulting retail leakage goes to bigger box stores in Walnut Creek, Blackhawk and Pleasanton.

We're not going to be able to supply everything, but we do have a really rich variety," Bergman said. Follow DanvilleSanRamon. ed: Thu, Mar 24,pm Danville residents may be some of the best-dressed people in the country, according to a study published in the Wall Street Journal. Villa-grove-CO friend finder sex quite shocked to see this article the other day. And agree with Michelle Stone regarding the sales climate in Danville.

We are all relatively tight knit, and I can attest that is absolutely horrible, and wasn't much better. This is pretty much the same tune across the board with Danville apparel retailers. I would be fascinated to see the depth of the article and where and how they compiled their stats.

Not something to be proud of. I guess we have not taken to heart that beauty is only skin deep. I would rather see that we were known to be the community that donates more womanmore look to charities than anywhere else. May I respectfully suggest that the survey focus on The would be much different. I agree with the comments on business being california. Danville deserves to be Woman seeking sex Eunice New Mexico known for volunteering and community activity not for conspicuous spending.

Dear Dolores, Here is the information that illustrates the background of WSJ selective report on buying habits. Need sex tonight Drewryville VA is not a complete study beyond the selected ZIP codes. Pinpoint Demographics, a division of Barnes Reports, employs a proprietary economic model using exponential regression analysis to estimate consumer spending in every U.

If readers have further questions, their contact is: Pinpoint Demographics Stagecoach Rd. WoolwichME Phone: E-Mail: [ protected] end [ protected].

I'm initially suspicious of the reports methods and conclusions derived therefrom. Do you see that many fur coats or deer gowns walking around?

That's a lot of socks! Or maybe NorCal with four cities in the Top 10 is being charged too much for clothing! I wish danville was 1 in money donated to all charities per capitol per our population. Many of us in neighboring Alamo would like to nominate the entire town of Danville California to be featured on What not Ladies wants hot sex MS Louise 39097 wear.


I find this utterly embarrassing to be associated with this ranking, as a Danville resident. Diablo Magazine, this month, has an entire article titled: Boom, Bust,Bargain which states that a third of the home sales in Black Hawk last year were distress sales, and how the next wave of under water Horny housewives in Talent Oregon foreclosure sales is about to hit the market, and nose-dive the average home sale prices even more.

I guess being fashion forward in your deer duds, warrants more spending money than having the pride of ownership and accomplishment of paying for what you actually need, your home, instead of wanting, your appearance. There are going to be some rather fashionable Krugerville county xxx hot gilrs com folks out there, but hey, it's not how you live, but how you look.

I am so glad I am in the zip, where real people spend real money, and can sit back and enjoy the comforts of a home they can afford to live in! Always found it funny how so many folks on the "westside" were ironically far more arrogant and snooty than the people in Blackhawk.

Danville residents spend more money on clothes than rest of u.s.

You generally don't hear of Blackhawk residents talking like that in regards to westsiders. Not sure what happened to the laid back Danville. Single looking real sex West Plains me want to be back in LA where people are far less judgmental and more laid back Bottom line The flaw in the logic of your first sentence Jessica, is that "spending more means the buyers are better dressed".

Judging by the hideous apparel of the soccer moms waitng on their kids at our nearby school the d seem to do betterI can attest to just how wrong you are.

Money, dear Jessica, does not by good taste and it never will. What it buys is higher Lady want sex Sunset of "shallowness". Am I missing something? Maybe they make their purchases online or in other cities.

Just wondering. I Hot wives seeking casual sex Tonopah everyone to visit the Danville town offices and notice the map on the wall. It is of Danville, There is no map of Blackhawk. It is an unincorporated part of Danville.

It's just not true. It's a study, and it happened to get itself published in the Wall Street Journal.

Don't you wonder who funded the study? Dear Hal, What do you do all day? Besides this, I mean. Thanks, Chesterfield Ollie Jones. Why does everyone just love to generalize about Horny moms in Kenosha Wisconsin There are soccer moms who dress like teenagers, and soccer moms who dress appropriately for their age.

Does danville's spending on clothes make for awesome thrift stores?

A lot of us give a lot of money and time to charity, and there are lots of families who don't. Danville's kids do a lot of community service; perhaps at the top of the list for the nation.

That's not what this study was about, so don't feel ashamed. Every day we Married phone chat in Birchwood village Danville kids earning an Eagle Scout award or going to State Finals for some achievement. A lot of these parents grew up poor and worked their butts off to get where they are today my family as well. Maybe they dressed poorly in school and felt bad about themselves, and now that they have means they want to feel good.

If people choose to waste a ton of money on clothes, that's their prerogative. Be proud that we are doing great academically, have low crime, and an electronic newspaper that lets us discuss these issues as adults even if some posters make it their whole life, but that's a whole other issue.

Spending a lot on clothes does not mean they are best dressed. They just have money to Kinky sex date in Boles AR. Swingers, kinkycouples sex. clothes. Did anyone see that on 7?

They were interviewing a lady in a conment shop. Also, she was in a no name sweat shirt Dear Sassy Soccer Mom, Ouch! Your comments are pretty judgemental. You sound a little bitter considering you don't know all of us here in Blackhawk. If you did, you might have a nicer opinion of us.

I am so amused by all of this thread I must say, you all are a hoot. Good people Lucke guy seeks Olympia girl Japan are surviving on a bowl of rice and one piece of tuna each day right now knowing their families are gone and their homes are wiped out.

Their water is non existent, and we are talking about Married woman looking Miles City. In my opinion you all need to take a breath and count your blessings I am reminded in my past life with the San Ramon Valley T-Birds football team, and we would roll into Antioch, Pittsburgh or San Leandro in our gleaming SUV's with our beautiful white families and our teams would dress in the locker rooms of these run down schools and my kids finally got a glimpse of the way much of rest of the Bay Area actually lived.