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I saw a similar thread in a different forum, however I was unable to post in it due to a techincal difficulty of some kind, and thought maybe I should just open a new thread on this instead The thread was basically about being treated differenty because of "being Ladies want sex TN Rockvale 37153. I've had trouble my entire life with people.

In a group setting, I automatically am disliked.

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I've questioned myself in so many ways, about what the reason could possibly be - am I just "the type of person" people don't like? I thought, is it my personality; am I too nice? Or maybe I'm just different, afterall, I'm not into popular culture, and am more interested in science and litterature, and subjects and things that aren't of the mainstream so I thought that maybe this is a reason people see me as "different", Sex dating in Orkney springs often treat me as "different".

Then I also thought.

Or am I just weird? I still am not entireley sure if I'm just a weirdo, or if I'm just a victim of jealousy.

See a problem?

I guess I've been pretty my whole life, and not the "ugly Malad city ID adult swingers scenerio, whereas someone suddenly blossoms at 20 yrs old so I have no reference to draw from Beautiful couple want hot sex Maine compare my life to.

In other words, I don't know what it's like NOT to be me, so I don't know if this dilema is looks-related, or if it's because I'm just Again, I'm not saying this is happening because I'm pretty, because I don't really have a reference in my life to compare it to. I just know it's always been this way, and I've always had trouble in my social life, and I've always wondered what in the world is wrong.

People closest to me in Seattle Washington girls looking for men life will usually tell me, "It's because you're pretty, and their jealous", but I never accept that answer right away. Honestly, I'm not a jealous person, and don't understand jealous nature, so I don't identify it in people that easiy, so this is why I don't always accept the "they're jealous of you" thing.

But then I could be wrong, maybe they are, and I just don't see it. To combat looks-related problems I automatically "dress down" in alot of instances so as not to pose a threat to anyone. I've got it down to a science now, as far as doing what Free Cedar Rapids cybersex chat can to be treated like a normal Charleston sex online. But, at places like photoshoots, where I HAVE to look glamourous, eventually by the end of the day, the whole crew and the other models are treating me like a lepor, or like they all made the simultaneous decsion to ignore me.

They'll all stand around and joke and talk to eachother, but when I come around, it's like no one can be cool anymore.

I get one word answers, or everyone disperses. If I talk to one person on the set, alone, one on one, he's stuttering and can't talk to me at all, or quickly ends the conversation, and there I am Sexy women want sex Lake Worth, by myself.

I'm okay with someone stuttering or if a guy gets nervous, because at least I can do what ever is possible to calm him down or show him that I'm nice and don't bite, and at least it's not offensive behaivior. It's when people get together in a group of two or more that they become offensive.

It's just weird To keep the above from becoming a scenario, I smile and act nice as possible to Looking for nsa anal Missouri I meet to the point of kissing donkey sometimes. I'm tired of having to basically walk on egg shells and kissing donkey to avoid conflict or meaness from people. I never boast or talk about what I've going on. My own friends the very few that i have don't even know what's going on in my modeling career because I don't want piss them off by talking about it, and they obviously never ask about it.

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The few friends that I've kept throughout my life, inevitably become people I can't tolerate anymore because of their abuse. Every girlfriend I've ever had ended up being extremely cruel to me. My own mother messes with my head sometimes as well.

I currently have no friends at all except my boyriend, and I have one girlfriend that I talk to from time to time on the phone. I'm scared to make new friends, and scared to death of new people or Granny hookups in Independence Kentucky groups of people, especially groups of girls, they always automatically clique up, and treat me like an outsider. From day to day now, I pretty much hang out alone.

What's it like to suddenly become attractive?

I have thousands upon thousands Jersey City New sex women friends on myspace and a full-on modeling career, and no real friends in my life. Imagine that. Okay people now rip me apart, I can't get anymore depressed than this. I'm sure you'll all say I'm conceited, and how dare I say I'm pretty. Okay 1st of all, Lady wants nsa Florence-Roebling ever feel like you have to kiss up or suck up to someone who's being rude and imature to you.

Its basicly telling the person that you'll do anything to be included, or that you want their approval. That makes them feel more inclined to treat you however they want to.

I'm sure there's nothing wrong with you, you do sound like you judge yourself a little to harshly. Believe me it most likely is that the women around on the set or where ever you are, envy you more than you realize. If you are into science and literature, then be into it and don't hide it.

You sound like a rare person. I know A LOT of pretty girls with no brains, and no personality. And the "dressing down part". Wear clothes that you like and that you feel good in. If you're worried about people being jealous, shrug it off, and wear it with confidence.

You are a model, shouldn't you be proud of yourself? I know how it feels to be the outcast loner whatever you wanna call it. I promise those strange phases pass. Don't feel bad Stamford Nebraska maine whores to fuck you are not in a clique, its better to have less friends then to try to be something your not into or even change yourself a bit.

Outcast girls ugly girls i want you

Arizona fuck buddies com give up, you sound like an awesome girl, and a good person. Good Beautiful older ladies ready seduction Rock Hill. Hi beeoriginal7 Do you think you could be looking for validation from others? That ''am I ok'' from others? Do you like you? Btw you say you ''dress down for others''!? I have never ever dressed updown or sideways for anyone but myself. Do you think thats selfish?

If people dont like you, f them. How come you don't talk about your modelling life with your friends? Theres nothing wrong with modelling, you proud of it and your TRUE friends should be to Its nice how your really conscious about what other people think. Enjoy what you do, enjoy your hobbies, your faaar from being self centred, you care about other people. SAying all that.

If your going to meet your friends and you feel like talking about what happened in modelling that day. I'm sure you listen about their lives so why can;t they listen to yours? Oh this reminds me of a song! It's west-side story! I feel pretty, Fuck buddy Huntington beach, so pretty, I feel pretty and witty and bright!

Do beautiful women really want beautiful friends? that’s what a study claims

And I pity Any girl who isn't me tonight. I feel charming, Oh, so charming It's alarming how charming I feel! And so pretty That I hardly can believe I'm real. See the pretty girl in that mirror there: Who can that attractive girl be? Such a pretty face, Such a pretty dress, Such a pretty smile, Such a pretty me!

You'd have to be so pretty that people's eyes just melt in their skulls from looking at you or something. My current gf has something similar although it's not a HUGE problem for her That being said, I've in the past observed that she is often defensive and as a result, sort of 'snappy' with people whom she hardly Beautiful adult ready sex Reading Pennsylvania any rapport with to start Something in all that?

I feel as though I'm in the same boat as you beeoriginal7. Ok, so I don't have a modeling career but everything else seems to reign true for me too. I have very few close friends who don't seem to mind me at all. I mean, I agree, I'm not into the mainstream of things but give me a break.

I left highschool, happy to leave those who ridiculed me to only entre college with the same cycle again? I also feel like I'm living in 2 worlds.

Confidence and self esteem resources

My boyfriend lives 2 hour commuting away from me so I feel all alone in my hometown but when I go up to visit him and his friends, I feel welcome and not so negativly judged. I've gotten Beautiful housewives ready nsa Mobile be friends with his friends but. Anyways, what I've learnt through all this is to stay confident; enter a room with your head up.

Pretend to not notice people who act rude towards you.